Website review is a renowned company website which provides coverage against loss to the client when it takes place as a result of a mistake made by your company. The website is based on an understanding that anyone who wants to avail services of Professional Indemnity Insurance must find appropriate level of required information which is necessary for basic understanding. This article aims on reviewing the website in order to facilitate the users as much as they need. According to our review, certain features make this website prominent among the other companies available in the market, such as simple outlook, quick navigation and user friendly interface. The website contains the following tabs.

Home: The home page contains detailed information about the Indemnity Insurance service. This page contains all the information that may be required by the potential clients who may be looking for an indemnity insurance policy, in order to secure their business from threats of financial liabilities which may occur due to a mistake in the services provided to the client. The information is quite effective for the potential clients; however, the only negative point may be the length of the text which seems too much to read.     

About us: This page displays detailed company information and tells about the services offered by the website. The length of the text is the same issue as already mentioned for home page; however, the effectiveness of the information is quite supportive for the potential clients, who want to understand the basic concept of Indemnity Insurance and its usefulness for their company.    

Frequently asked questions: Like all other website this site also contains FAQs which cover almost all the aspects which may be stuck in the minds of the people who visit this site. Answers to these questions are given in very simple language and style. This page is really helpful for the reader and provides precise information about everything; one would like to know about

How it works: This page is all about the procedural details and conditions which are required to avail this service. This page has also been filled up with; although very much informative, but too much text which makes it hard to read in detail for some users. This feature of the website can cause a negative impact on those users who visit the site to have a quick glance but are disappointed to see such a detailed web page.   


•Proper header and footer are missing; there must be header and footer with links to the web pages. This will make it more user friendly interface.

•Text information must be reviewed and shrunk to help a quick glance. Information in small bullet points is more effective that a long detailed page carrying too much detail.

•The website does not have a company logo, it must be included to ensure improved attraction of the site.   

•The color scheme of the website should be more attractive and lively.

•Success stories and testimonials can be an added advantage for the website.