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House of Blues - March 26, 1998's the attack of another young blues guitar player...These kids seem to be coming out of the woodwork. Every time I turn around, there's another young kid, playing the blues and touring, although I still have enough fingers to count the young blues players out there. That's healthy for the music industry. At least it's something different than the alternative scene that currently dominates the airwaves and the music stores.

The Kenny Wayne Shepherd show started off a little slow, compared to his appearance on the G-3 tour at the House Of Blues last November. He really didn't get fired up until about four songs into his short two-hour show. (I consider barely two hours a short show at most clubs in the area.) The crowd was VERY enthusiastic, jumping up and down, a substantial number singing along with the songs. KWS songs are certainly singable, which is one of the things that helps his show. Overall, it was a good to excellent show - the mix was mostly spot on, although the guitar could have been a bit louder, particularly during the final Hendrix tribute. His last song was "Voodoo Child" with teasers from "Purple Haze" and "Hey Joe". Hendrix stuff may be old, but it always pleases the crowd.

The rest of the band reminds me a bit of The Doors, if the Doors had played the blues. Jimmy Wallace (Keyboards) started with the opening riff from "Riders of The Storm", and singer Noah Hunt has that Jim Morrison type of look and stage presence. Sam Bryant (Drums) worked very hard during the whole show and held down the bottom end along with Robby Emerson on bass.

Usually the roadies bring out drinks for the band between songs. KWS has the best looking drink girls I have ever seen. Two blondes in slinky dresses calmly walking across the stage to deliver drinks to the band sure beats the heck out of ugly roadies.

Generally, opening acts are ignored while the crowd waits for the main act they paid to see. Opening act Mark Hodgson was damn good, particularly since he is a one-man show. He plays some really great harmonica, picks decent guitar and is a good singer as well. He really worked hard to put on a good show, and by the time his set was done, the crowd was fired up for Kenny Wayne Shepherd.

The show started early for the House Of Blues - about 7:30, and Kenny Wayne Shepherd played from 8:35 to 10:30. I guess the HOB realizes that during the week, most people have to get up and go to work the next day, so I appreciated the early show. (Yes...I work for a living, and I have a haircut and a real job!!!)

Bottom Line...Kenny Wayne shepherd gets a 9, Mark Hodgson gets a 9, and the Drink Girls get a 10.

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Murf Murphy
Murf is a registered professional engineer....(i.e. haircut and a real job) who loves to play guitar. Vist Murf's home page. He lives with (1) wife who wishes he would grow up, (1) teenager who wonders how his parents got to this point in their lives without his help, (2) dogs who sleep a lot, (1) ferret who attacks when not looking and (1) cat who is basically useless.

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