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Welcome to The Slant's unofficial cybercast of The Florida Film Festival. We (in one form or another) have been providing Orlando and everywhere else with online coverage of the festival since 1994. This year promises to be one of the best yet - with our useful festival schedule, reviews of the excellent film line-up by local filmmakers and film enthusiasts, exclusive indieWIRE bizz perspectives, filmmaker interviews, festival chatter, and other goodies from in and around the festival. This is the kind of coverage you won't find anywhere else.

'The Farm': The Killing Fields
The Farm left me with a deep feeling of anger at the notions of 'justice' that Louisiana perpetuates; a mere fixation with Old Testament retribution that doesn't even pretend to address rehabilitation.

'Cockroach': Schizo to the Core
The Captain rants about all sorts of things, mainly his time in the 1960's, seeing band after band, doing drug after drug, living the life. He's crass, he's loud, he's angry, but he's also, for some reason, extremely likable. I can't quite explain it.

Q&A With Steve Buscemi and Seymour Cassel
Steve Buscemi and Seymour Cassel exuded much charm and numerous great stories and opinions from their past and present workings, all of which thrilled the audience for about an hour's worth of Q&A.

Florida Film Festival Winners
indieWIRE exclusive: a report of which films one what awards, along with descriptions of the festival Gala and the sideshow theme that underscored the festival.

WHO'S THE CABOOSE?: Hollywood Looks Itself in the mirror
Is it comedy with liberal smatterings of reality? Is it reality with liberal smatterings of comedy? Is it mostly improvisation? Is it mostly scripted? And who exactly is the caboose?

Large Crowds and Popular Docs in Heat Wave
'Chicago Cab': One Hell of a Ride
Does it take two to Tango?
Quakenbush Clay-mation Steals The Show
'Harvest' Delivers a Crop of Good Filmmaking
A Monochromatic, Celluloid Mindfuck
'Erasable You': Lifestyles of the Ruthless and Famous
Jerome: Beware of Hitchhikers
'Walking to the Waterline': One Step Too Far
'Polyrhythms': Dancing to a Different Rhythm?
'Slums' Can't Pick Itself Out of the Trash
'Windhorse': Puffing against the wind??
Cannibal! Needs More Bite, But It's Still Good Fun
'Once We Were Strangers': Romantic Culture Clash
'The Human Race': Actions Speak Louder Than Words
'Body Parts': Film Anatomy
Losers Shine In Buffalo '66
'A Merry War': Orwell Lite
Sadness, Hope, and Truth in 'Unmade Beds'
All Shook Up And Nowhere To Go
The 1998 Florida Film Festival Preview Party
Turning the Sapphire Into a Sideshow
Get Ready for Films '98

A Haven For Filmmakers

A Movie Lover's Ten-Day Feast

Wandering Winter Park

A Tale of Two Critics

Festival Films Make Waves

And the Winner Is...

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