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February 12, 1997

Early in one morning in 1989, in a cold and awkward cafeteria, I met a person who would mark me forever. David Boltt, this long-haired, wild-eyed person, would soon become a true friend and, later in my life, would leave a lasting impression...

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David, a Florida native, has always turned to art for self-expression. "As a child I was the victim of a powerful and terrible imagination. At an early age I discovered that art could act as a medium for understanding and exploring my inner world." David's addiction to art eventually led to his graduation from the Ringling School of Art and Design, located in Sarasota. He achieved his initial success as an illustrator and a fine artist. His work is often found on the covers and within the pages of magazines, CD's, comic books, and fantasy games. While in art school he developed an interest in the ancient art of Tattoo, and produced several sets of tattoo designs which can be found in the skin of people (such as myself) and on the walls of tattoo shops around the world.

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It wasn't until a few years ago that David actually began to learn the craft himself. He felt a need to expand beyond the confines of the airbrush he had worked with until then. He served a rigorous apprenticeship under some world class tattooists in Florida, including the staff at Irrizumi Ink in Ft. Lauderdale and New York. David now has been working as a professional tattooist for the past four years.

He told me, "Tattooing has been the most demanding and rewarding of my artistic endeavors. I consider it an honor to affect people's lives in such an intimate and lasting way. A tattoo acts as a line drawn in the sands of time, clearly separating the time before from the time after." As a fine artist myself, I can appreciate David's philosophy. It took me years of spiritual searching before committing to the imagery I chose to decorate my body. Tattoos are no longer just an unhealthy back room hobby. In recent years, tattoo has drawn truly gifted fine artists who have resurrected "dermagraphics" as a respected art form.

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David is currently touring the States, tattooing and selling his designs and talent. His tattoo, Flash, can be found across the country and also in most local tattoo shops. When in Orlando, David works out of Bad Dog Productions, located on West Colonial.

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