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November 28, 2015
the newests slants on Orlando

Satriani & Duarte: Guitar Heavyweights
Raunchy Texas blues and 'space alien surf music' shared the stage Friday night at the House of Blues. Joe Satriani and Chris Duarte put on an excellent show to a sold out crowd.

'Smoke Signals': Dances Without Wolves
Don't go see this movie because of all of the attention and accolades. Go see it because it is magical and thoughtful and sad and hopeful. Go see it because it is, simply, a good and entertaining film.

'How I learned to Drive': A Haunting View
Uncle Peck is extremely likable, and it's easy to see, because of his respectful and easy spoken tones, how Li'l Bit could fall for him. Yet behind his eyes lurks a creepy menace.

Pat & The Spyder
Scattered throughout the audience were flowers, cards, books of poems - even a tambourine with long ribbons - which were given to her during her set.

Dependence Day: Scorchin' Rock
After much needed liquid refreshment, we decided to walk around and check things out. The place was packed! Every one was partying and having a good time in spite of the heat.

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